SeriousFun Children's Network empowers children with serious illnesses and their families to reimagine what is possible by creating inclusive camp and recreational experiences, inspiring confidence and joy and building community and connection.

SeriousFun, founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, is made up of 30 camps and programs around the world serving children living with more than 100 different medical conditions. Campers and their families have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular camp experiences supported by high-quality medical care, totally free of charge. Each camp and program is purposefully designed to foster independence, resilience and personal growth, helping children to see beyond the limits of their medical conditions.


We are so proud of the work that our camps and programs around the world have been doing for over 30 years to positively impact campers, siblings, parents, and caregivers. And all of those incredible camp and outreach experiences really do change lives. A recent research survey of our camp alumni aged 17-30 showed that their SeriousFun camp experience played a major role in the development of lasting outcomes which they use in their everyday adolescent and adult lives, including the willingness to try new things, appreciation of diversity, self-identity, empathy and compassion, and perseverance.”

Blake Maher

CEO of SeriousFun Children’s Network

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A&F Co. partnership

In 2016, A&F Co. and SeriousFun Children's Network launched a five-year, $15 million partnership. That commitment included in-kind and product donations, 100,000 associate volunteer hours and mission support through the A&F Challenge. By 2021, A&F Co. had nearly doubled its commitment to SeriousFun.


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